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OT/ICS Cybersecurity Solutions


Cross-Domain Solutions / Data Diodes

To assure true domain separation, cross-domain solutions incorporate a hardware-enforced network segmentation and protocol break via data diodes.


OT / ICS Monitoring with Anomaly Detection

Monitors all communication within, to and from the operational technology and industrial control systems 24/7.


Supply Chain Security for Software (SBOM)

Provides ICS vendors with immediate alerts of new counterfeits, identifies unsafe subcomponents in their products, and generates enriched SBOMs.


OT Asset Management

A single source of truth for your asset base that includes configuration and change management and enables a centralized cybersecurity program that can include vulnerability and patch management, version control, security baselines, risk assessments, incident response and compliance reporting.


Infrastructure Scanning & Remediation

IND (Asset discovery & Posture Assessment), FIX (Credential Hardening, Remediation & Patch Management) , and MONITOR every IoT device, OT device and Network device.


First packet authentication

Prevents hackers based on the first packet CA, this not only avoids wasting computer cycles on intruders, it prevents them from acquiring information about the implementation of your system.


Secure Remote Access

Securely and conveniently connect remote users or machines wherever they are, to your business resources.


Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Enables threat detection as it emerges in critical OT environments and generates real-time alerts

Cybercriminals Are Always on the Prawl. Are Your OT/ICS Environments Protected?

With the introduction of Industry 4.0, connected machines can collect and analyse huge amounts of data that can be used to inform the maintenance, performance, and automation of essential business processes. This significant transformation is great for business but can also open new doors for cyberattacks that are not so great for business.

OT and ICS cybersecurity is now more important than ever to help companies and machines thrive in the interconnected world of business.


OT Cybersecurity Services

  • Development of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Program
  • Deep Dive assessments of industrial control systems (ICS/SCADA) based on industry standards.
  • Development of RFP documents
  • OT/ICS Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning & Management
  • Development of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Strategy
  • OT/ICS Cybersecurity Program and Project Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Awareness and Training Service
  • Patch management, Application whitelisting, endpoint security hardening.
  • OT network reviews, zoning & segmentation.
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