Watad is proud to announce the launch of Mulhem, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence model that marks a significant milestone in the field of AI within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Developed with precision and care, Mulhem is the first Saudi domain-specific AI model, trained exclusively on Saudi data, embodying the nation's commitment to technological advancement and digital transformation.

Unparalleled Dataset

Mulhem has been trained on an extensive and diverse dataset, comprising more than 70,000 Saudi-specific Q&A data points and over half a million Arabic single turn, multi-turn, preference data sets, along with specialized datasets for context retrieval and offline data systems. This rich dataset ensures that Mulhem offers unparalleled accuracy and relevance in its responses and insights, specifically tailored to the Saudi context.


Bilingual Capabilities

With a training foundation of 90 billion Arabic and 90 billion English tokens, Mulhem is not just the first of its kind in terms of regional specificity but also in linguistic versatility. This dual-language capability ensures that Mulhem can serve a wide range of applications, from international business to local cultural projects.

Local Training and Development

Proudly trained and developed in Saudi Arabia, Mulhem leverages the latest in AI research and development practices, including Supervised Fine-tuning and Direct Preference Optimization. This local focus not only underscores Watad commitment to national talent and resources but also ensures that Mulhem is perfectly aligned with the needs and nuances of the Saudi market.


Innovative Technology

Embracing cutting-edge technologies, Mulhem is equipped with advanced AI features that enable it to perform a wide array of tasks, from natural language processing and context-aware communication to complex data analysis and retrieval tasks, all with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.


Commitment to Open Innovation

In the spirit of innovation and community collaboration, Watad is exploring avenues to make Mulhem accessible to a broader audience, including potential open-source initiatives. This approach aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem of developers, researchers, and businesses, all contributing to and benefiting from Mulhem's capabilities.

A Milestone for Saudi Arabia

Mulhem represents not just a technological achievement but also a significant step forward in Saudi Arabia's vision for a digital future. By leveraging local data and expertise, Mulhem exemplifies the Kingdom's capacity to lead in the global technology arena, paving the way for further innovations and advancements.

Watad invites businesses, developers, and researchers to explore the possibilities opened by Mulhem. Together, we can harness the power of AI to create solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply rooted in our cultural and linguistic heritage.

About Watad

Watad is at the forefront of technological innovation in Saudi Arabia, dedicated to developing solutions that meet the unique needs of the Saudi market. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and digital transformation, Watad is committed to contributing to the Kingdom's vision for the future.