Watad Energy Announces Partnership with HPC-AI Tech


Watad Energy & Communications Co., a preeminent AI and industrial automation solutions provider in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, has joined forces with HPC-AI Tech, a cutting-edge AI/ML acceleration software company and creator of the trailblazing open-source Colossal-AI.

Colossal-AI has achieved a breakthrough in AI performance optimization, delivering up to 50% hardware savings and 7.73x faster training times for building ChatGPT-like custom applications.

The minimum hardware cost to train a ChatGPT-like neural network is roughly $1M just for the GPUs. With ColossalAI, organizations can achieve up to 50% hardware savings, reducing the hardware cost by up to $500,000, making the implementation of AI models more affordable for organizations of all sizes. In addition to the hardware savings, Colossal-AI also delivers up to 7.73x faster training times, further reducing the cost and time required to build a ChatGPT-like custom application.

This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize deep learning capabilities and harness the innovative technology and expertise of both companies to drive operational efficiency, accelerate AI with precision, and transform manual processes with automation in the region. The partnership will also explore novel approaches to enhance existing services and provide high-quality solutions, marking a significant milestone in AI advancement.

Colossal-AI performance results in a nutshell:

  1. 10X faster training time
  2. 50% inference acceleration
  3. 14X larger batch size
  4. 11X lower GPU memory consumption
  5. 24X larger model size on same hardware
  6. 50% longer sequence length
  7. 50% saved GPU resources
  8. 45% fine-tuning speedup
  9. 1 GPU suffices for model development

About Watad

Watad is a fast-growing information and communications technology company that prides itself on providing cutting-edge IT/OT/ICS Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industrial Automation and Smart City solutions.

About HPC-AI Tech

HPC-AI Tech offers vendor-supported, enterprise-grade solutions for Colossal-AI users, both on-premises and in the cloud. Our industry-leading technology accelerates and expands deep learning capabilities through parallel and distributed training, inference, and fine-tuning of large neural networks using high-performance computing to reduce your costs. We operate globally and serve clients in various industries.