Platform9 and Watad Energy & Communications Co.: A Unified Approach to Infrastructure


Platform9 leverages open-source technologies for virtualization and Kubernetes to deliver always-on cloud infrastructure solutions. Combined with patented IP for compute optimization and built-in 24/7 proactive management, Platform9 simplifies operations, automatically increases compute utilization, and achieves superior cloud cost optimization. Developers and data scientists can innovate faster with AI/ML and cloud-native applications without being held back by unreliable infrastructure, operational complexity, or runaway cloud costs.

Watad Energy & Communications Co, a leading provider of IT solutions in Saudi Arabia and the GCC, is announcing its partnership with Platform9 to provide clients with a comprehensive solution for managing their on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

Platform9's solutions offer several benefits, including:

Always-On Assurance™: Platform9 delivers built-in 24/7 PROACTIVE approach to remote monitoring, zero-touch upgrades, self-healing, alerting, and troubleshooting. Developers and data scientists can work on their models and applications without any interruption while Platform9 assures that compute resources are always available with high uptime and guaranteed SLAs.

Cost savings for operations, compute, and licensing: Platform9's solutions employ patented IP to maximize compute utilization automatically in public cloud infrastructure cutting costs by more than 50%. For on-premises solutions, Platform9’s unified solution for virtualization, containerization and Always-on assurance™ reduces operational overhead and eliminates multiple legacy product licensing costs.

Faster implementation: Platform9's solutions deliver a full production-ready solution with all the necessary components for a faster time to implementation.

Simplified management: With its unique SaaS deployment model, Platform9 hosts the management plane and handles all aspects of the platform, including maintenance, upgrades, and proactive remediation. Platform9 combines software automation plus resident Kubernetes certified experts to deliver operational excellence and offload the management burden from your team.


Here are some of the key Platform9 solutions that Watad Energy & Communications Co. will offer its customers:


Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK): PMK delivers comprehensive management, governance, & cost optimization for Kubernetes clusters on-premises or in public clouds. PMK comes with built-in everything you need for production including CNI, CoreDNS, Monitoring, MetalLB, and more.

Platform9 Managed KubeVirt: is a modern self-service virtualization solution delivering enterprise-grade VM performance, security, and scale. The solution runs on the tried-and-true KVM hypervisor, which is used by the world’s largest clouds with built-in reliability and security features such as live migration, Intel TPM, and High Availability.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack (PMO): PMO is a fully managed OpenStack service that provides organizations with a simple and reliable way to deploy and manage their virtualization workloads in data centers, edge, and colocation infrastructure. For a fraction of the cost of a public cloud, PMO delivers comprehensive services you can run in your private cloud including: Nova (compute), Neutron (network), Ironic (bare metal), Glance (images), Cinder (storage), and Keystone (identity). Users interact with PMO through the best-in-class SaaS User Interface with zero knowledge of OpenStack, or OpenStack CLI commands.

Watad Energy & Communications Co and Platform9 are committed to providing their clients with the best possible unified infrastructure management solutions. By partnering with Platform9, Watad

Energy & Communications is able to offer its customers a comprehensive solution that meets their needs and helps them achieve their business goals.