Introducing NVIDIA OVX Servers: The Next Generation of Generative AI Acceleration


Watad Energy & Communications is thrilled to introduce the new NVIDIA OVX servers featuring the powerful NVIDIA L40S GPU. These servers are designed to accelerate AI and industrial digitalization, revolutionizing workflows across industries.

The servers support up to eight L40S GPUs per server, each with 48GB of memory. Powered by the state-of-the-art NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the L40S offers incredible tensor processing power. It outperforms the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, delivering enhanced generative AI inference and training performance.

The L40S GPU is also designed for professional visualization workflows, providing real-time rendering and lifelike content creation. It includes RT Cores for ray-tracing performance and a high number of CUDA cores for complex calculations in engineering and scientific simulations.

To further enhance AI capabilities, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software provides support for various frameworks and tools. The Omniverse platform, developed by NVIDIA, has also received major updates, enabling developers to leverage generative AI for industrial digitalization.

The NVIDIA L40S GPU will be available this fall, and global system builders will offer OVX systems with these GPUs. This empowers professionals worldwide to advance AI and deliver generative AI applications in industries like chatbots, search tools, and summarization tools.


Watad Energy & Communications is proud to bring this cutting-edge technology to its customers, revolutionizing AI and industrial digitalization.

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